All Podiatrists at Dundrum Podiatry are University Graduates in Podiatry Biomechanics and Orthotics

Orthotics DublinBiomehanics

Biomechanics assessment leading to manufacture of in-house orthotics.

The podiatrist will carry out a biomechanical  assessment and where necessary prescribe and manufacture bespoke orthotics

Diabetic Foot Screening

The Podiatrists in Dundrum Podiatry have been treating diabetic patients for over forty years,often at the bequest of the local GP’s

Sports Injuries of the foot

As people strive for fitness and to make their daily 10,000 steps more foot injuries are occurring At Dundrum Podiatry advice on Sports Footwear and care of the foot is given

Verucca Treatment DublinVerruca Treatment

Many patients have attended Dundrum Podiatry over the years for verruca treatment We now have second and third generation patients

Dundrum Podiatrist


This is the treatment of children’s feet Often advice on footwear and general care of the young foot is given to the parent/guardian in an easy to follow way Dundrum Podiatry has a good relationship with local shoe fitters and specialized stores